Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Student Profile

Part of our process of self-examination includes analyzing the profile of our students in terms of gender, geography and age. We thought you might be interested in this information too. As is true of other GPS programs, Health Administration students are typically adult learners working within their chosen fields. They seek additional education to enhance their careers, achieve higher level positions or retain current positions.

Historically, the students in the GPS distance education courses have been largely female (75% - 80%) and HA students are not significantly different except that students enrolled in the LTCA programs show a slightly more balanced picture, probably due to specific licensure requirements.

Geographic Distribution:
Because of the distance learning form of course delivery, the students in the HA programs come from across the U. S. and from without the country. At one time or another, students have come from nearly every state.

Students in the both the LTCA and MHA programs are generally mid-career individuals. That is reflected in the age distribution of current students.

Age Range Undergrad. Grad.
24 - 34_____25%___ 13%
35 - 44_____30%___ 28%
45 - 54_____ 33%___37%
55 - 64_____ 12%___17%
65+ ________- _____2%
Unknown ____- _____3%

Both the average (mean) and median ages for the undergraduate HA students are 42, while those numbers are a bit higher for graduate MHA students, as would be expected, with the mean and median both at 46 years. There is no significant variation in age patterns for the different program options (courses, certificate or degree) or by gender.