Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maine ACHCA Chapter Awards
The chapter has developed its own annual awards. While the Maine chapter has been very successful in receiving national awards, the chapter awards program is designed to supplement those national awards with local recognition of individuals contributing to the chapter. They include the Outstanding Member Award, the Outstanding Business Affiliate Award and the President’s Award.
The 2013 Chapter Awards were presented at the Annual Meeting on November 1st.
·        Phil DuBois, CNHA, FACHCA – Outstanding Member Award: For a truly superior and outstanding member of Maine Chapter ACHCA. Your excellent performance has set a new high standard for everyone to strive toward.
·        Estellle A. Lavoie JD – Outstanding Business Affiliate: In grateful appreciation and distinguished recognition of your hard work, devotion and commitment to excellence to the Maine Chapter ACHCA.

·        John R. Pratt, LFACHE, FACHCA – President’s Award: In recognition of your lifetime achievement and dedication to the Health Care Administration profession.

Our very own Phil DuBois and John Pratt were award winners!  We are so glad to have them working with us!