Thursday, December 13, 2012

R.T. in D.C.

Brenda Rice will be attending the 15th annual American Society of Radiologic Technology, R.T. in D.C. grassroots advocacy event in Washington, D.C. on March 3-5th, acting as an affiliate member on behalf of the Maine Society of Radiologic Technologists.  This event, R.T. in D.C., brings together 150 attendees including Registered Diagnostic Imaging Professionals, Radiation Therapists, students, etc. from across the United States. It provides an opportunity for professional training, working with lobbying experts and learning skills that are used on Capitol Hill to advocate for legislative issues that affect our State Society.

The introduction of the CARE Bill was to establish educational and certification standards for those working in a healthcare setting, who perform various medical imaging examinations, including radiation therapy.

The ASRT has introduced House and Senate bills that pursue basic educational and certification standards for healthcare workers who administer radiologic procedures in each state across the country. The passage of the bill would require minimum standards set by the federal government for personnel who perform medical imaging exams and deliver radiation therapy treatments.

If this bill was passed, it would ensure national safety and quality assurance measures for patients undergoing all types of radiologic procedures. Brenda’s goal is to meet with our State Representatives and Senators to discuss the importance of federal standards for medical imaging professionals and establish guidelines moving forward that would provide more equitable healthcare services for patients across the country. Repeated radiologic examinations and poor quality images cost the health care system millions of dollars annually; not to include excessive exposure to radiation.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Programs NAB-Accredited for Another Five Years!

We are pleased to announce that the National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long-Term Care Administrators (NAB) has approved our request for re-accreditation at its 2012 Mid-Year meeting in San Diego, CA on November 9, 2012.

It is re-accreditation of the Bachelor of Science, Long-Term Care Administration Major (BS/LTCA), which was originally accredited in 1997 and re-accredited in 2002. This was the first time re-accreditation for the Master of Health Administration (MHA) program. Both have been accredited. Saint Joseph’s College is only the second college or university to have a graduate program accredited by NAB and the only one to have both undergraduate and graduate programs accredited by them. The accreditation is for another five years.

Ours is also the only completely online program accredited by NAB.

This accreditation recognizes the quality of the programs and their graduates. It gives us a marketing edge as the primary reason students enroll in our long-term care programs is to achieve licensure as nursing home administrators. Many state licensing boards will automatically accept NAB-accredited programs as meeting their licensure requirements. Others look upon it favorably.

This is a significant achievement for us, keeping us in the forefront of long-term care education.

L-R, Randy Snyder, chairman of the board for NAB, Phil DuBois, Jennifer Johs-Artisensi, Chair of the Education Committee for NAB.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Benefit of an MHA Degree

For work, Sara Sherwood helps people. As a graduate of the University of Maine’s nutrition program who’s currently pursuing a master of health administration at Saint Joseph’s College Online, she’s well qualified for the job. 

Sara, who graduated from UMaine in 2008, works as a Nursing Home Administrator at Collier’s Rehab and Nursing Center in Ellsworth, Maine. Planning to complete her MHA by December of this year, she credits both UMaine and Saint Joseph’s for her professional success.

“They each gave me a fundamental knowledge base that I’ve been able to apply to my work,” said Sara. “UMaine gave me the background in nutrition, and Saint Joseph’s has given me a broader education in health care. They complement each other really well.”

In fact, Saint Joseph’s online MHA is specifically designed to complement programs like UMaine’s nutrition program. The broad focus of the MHA, paired with an undergraduate degree in a more specialized field, prepares students for endless career opportunities. In addition, the MHA’s convenient online delivery allows students to work and study simultaneously.

Even more important than the job opportunities, according to Sara, is the ability to help people.

“I’m a caregiver at heart; I’ve always known I was meant to help,” said Sara. “Deciding to pursue my master degree has helped me do just that!”

With a nutrition degree from UMaine and an MHA from Saint Joseph’s, students can pursue lucrative careers in many areas, just to name a few¬

•           Health facility management
•           Nutrition
•           Wellness programming
•           Insurance
•           Pharmaceuticals
•           Education

If you are interested in learning more about online degree programs at Saint Joseph’s College, please call 1-800-752-4723 or visit

Thursday, October 04, 2012

ACHCA Winter Marketplace 2012

On Friday, Nov. 30 at 10:15 am, Phil DuBois will be speaking on the topic of Ethical Decision Making in the LTC Environment at the Annual American College of Health Care Administrators Winter Marketplace 2012 at M Resort in Las Vegas.  This year, the ACHCA Winter Marketplace looks better than ever.  The continuing education will be approved for assisted living administrators, nursing home administrators and nurses.
·         The theme of this year's conference is, Reaching for the Gold: The Leadership Edge.
 Choose from educational sessions on such key topics as:
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • MDS
  • Professional Certification
Register online today  at and benefit from advance registration discounts. Or mail/fax our registration pdf form.
ACHCA has negotiated an excellent group rate at our conference hotel, The M Resort in Las Vegas. To make hotel reservations, book online through ACHCA’s website and request the ACHCA group rate or book your room online!! 

Visit for more information.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SJC will host the Annual Meeting of the Maine American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) chapter on Friday, November 2 at the College in Standish. In addition to election of officers for the coming year, the meeting will feature a full day of education sessions. Phil Dubois, Full-Time Faculty at SJC, developed the program. 

Several speakers will provide their perspectives on various healthcare reform topics. Those topics include:  Preventing Rehospitalizations, QAPI initiative, Acute Care’s Vision on SNF Partnerships in ACO’s, Latest Developments on Accountable Care Organizations.

Business Affiliates and other vendors will be displaying their services. Nonmembers are invited and members are urged to bring along key staff for this educational opportunity. 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

ASRT Bright Lights Contest Winner

Congratulations Michelle Ward! Here is the winning picture with Brenda Rice from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine!  Michelle won a $100 LLBean gift card!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Graduation Speaker!

Lisa Pervola, a GPS (Graduate & Professional Studies) graduate student from Maryland, was the guest speaker at Saint Joseph’s College (SJC) 2012 graduation exercise. She spoke of the value of family support and commitment to lifelong learning. Lisa completed a Bachelor’s degree in 2008 and went on to finish a Master’s degree online from SJC. Her keynote message to everyone was to thank and acknowledge others for their contributions to individual learning.

She cited Albert Schweitzer: “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

Thank you Lisa for a job well done.     Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Final Day of SJC's Healthcare Symposium 2012

On Friday, July 27th, there will be a panel discussion centered on simplifying change in a complex healthcare environment.  The panel will include Lois Skillings, Debra Kramlich, and Deb Palmer.

In the afternoon there will be another panel discussion!  Tom Brunelle, Jon Abeles and Dr. Imran Andrabi will be discussing total hospital efficiency as a means to survive health reform.

Come for one day or for all five days!!!! Find out more HERE!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day Four of SJC's Healthcare Symposium

On Thursday, July 26th Keith Baldwin will be presenting "Health Industry Integration & Physician Readiness for the New Health Care Environment."

In the afternoon you can choose from one of the following sessions:

  • Shaping new Leaders for a New Era presented by Michael Hotz
  • Shared Decision Making: More than just the right thing to do! presented by Catharine Clay.
Come for one day or for all five days!!!! Find out more HERE!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day three of SJC Healthcare Symposium

On Wednesday, July 25th, a panel comprised of Steve Chies, Keith Baldwin, and Dr. Joe Botler will discuss ways to prevent hospital readmissions.   It is critical for health care providers to work together to keep patients out of the hospital.  Steve, Keith and Dr. Botler will offer some ways to accomplish this!

In the afternoon choose from one of the following sessions:

  • Health Care Reform & the Future for Long-Term Care Providers presented by Steve Chies, or
  • Health Care for the Homeless, presented by Doreen Fadus.

Come for one day or for all five days!!!! Find out more HERE!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day Two of SJC's Healthcare Symposium

On Tuesday, July 24th Dr. Merrill Matthews, will be presenting about the Ethics of Healthcare Reform.  Have you ever wondered if healthcare reform initiatives are morally right?  Are we getting off track?  Healthcare is so complicated!  Come listen to Dr. Matthews help us understand the ethics of all of this reform!

In the afternoon you Phil Dubois will be presentation a session titled:

From Administrator to Resident: Perspective from the Other Side

Come for one day or for all five days!!!! Find out more HERE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healthcare Symposium

On Monday, July 23rd, Sr. Carol Keehan, CEO of the Catholic Health Association will be presenting about health care reform! 

In the afternoon you can choose between the following breakout sessions:
  • What every clinician and healthcare professional needs to know about destructive/exploitive cults, or
  • Innovations in Eldercare, or
  • Integrating Mission.
Come for one day or for all five days!!!! Find out more HERE!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Don't forget to register for the 5th Annual Health Administration Symposium at Saint Joseph's College!!  The dates are July 23rd through 27th.  You can come for one day or all five...and everything in between!!!!  We have an amazing lineup of presenters this year and we are also offering tracks in long-term care administration, radiologic science administration and leadership!!!!!  This is a symposium you do not want to miss!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Research Assistance Needed

I am seeking your assistance. I am studying the relationship between emotional intelligence and health care leadership competencies as part of my doctoral degree research. If you would be willing participate in this study, it would help with the refinement of a health care leadership model. Also, please forward this freely to others working in health care settings!  

As you know, health care in the United States is very complex and there is increasing pressure to reform. Consequently, much is required of leaders in health care organizations. The identification of a comprehensive leadership competence model specific to health care organizations will help with the training and development of leaders. Emotional intelligence may be a key factor, but we do not know for certain until the correlation is studied quantitatively.

If you are currently a manager or supervisor in a health care organization and between the ages of 18 and 80 years, please consider helping with this research!   

All you have to do is complete an online survey yourself, and ask three to five others to also assess you using an online survey. 

All responses will be kept confidential. None of your results will be reported. Only aggregate data will be analyzed. 

If you are willing to do this, please take the survey right away by clicking on the following link:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 207-809-9844 or 207-893-7993. 

Thank you!

Twila Weiszbrod, DBA Candidate, MPA
Director, Health Administration Programs
Graduate & Professionals Studies Division
Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Salute to Long Term Care Administrators

March 12-16, 2012 is National Long Term Care Administrator's Week. As part of that celebration, Long Term Living magazine has published an article on its website. The article, by Marianna Kern Grachek, President and CEO of the American College of Health Care Administrators, is titled “Saluting today’s (and tomorrow’s) LTC administrators.” It describes the role of today’s long term care administrators and the pressures they face. The article, which can be found at Our own John Pratt, Assistant Program Director, assisted Ms. Grachek in developing the article.
March 12-16, 2012 is National Long Term Care Administrator's Week. As part of that celebration, Long Term Living magazine has published an article on its website. The article, by Marianna Kern Grachek, President and CEO of the American College of Health Care Administrators, is titled “Saluting today’s (and tomorrow’s) LTC administrators.” It describes the role of today’s long term care administrators and the pressures they face. The article can be found at Our own John Pratt, Assistant Program Director, assisted Ms. Grachek in developing the article.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Long Term Care Administrators’ Week!

 The week of March 12-16 has been designated by the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) to celebrate the contributions of Long Term Care Administrators nationally, and to recognize the importance of such a noble profession.

The first known example of a long-term care administrator is referenced in the Biblical story of the Good Samaritan. The injured man was left with an innkeeper who agreed to tend to his needs for a length of time. Today, the administrator’s role and responsibilities have grown tremendously. In an age of increasing elder demographics, a baby boomer generation with a strong consumer orientation, mobile extended family, increasing expectations regarding quality, increasingly complex medical conditions and treatments, growing rate of lawsuits, stringent regulations, uncertainty around various health care reform initiatives, a need to provide “quality of life” as well as “quality of care” amidst a more diverse cultural population, and the need to exercise financial stewardship when revenues decrease and expenses increase, the administrator must strike a balance that is increasingly challenging to find. Nursing facilities are responsible for the entire care of their residents 24/7/365, sometimes for years, with a margin for error of essentially zero. All of this care ultimately rests on the shoulders of the administrator.

Today’s administrators serve out of an enormous sense of dedication and compassion. Despite the challenges they face, they diligently and enthusiastically aspire to meet the needs and desires of each resident to the best of their ability. Most administrators will deflect any praise to their front-line staff, as is deserved. For this week, let’s tip our hats to the devoted professionals who have chosen the career of long-term care administration. To my colleagues in this field, I salute you!

Phil DuBois

Monday, March 05, 2012

Congratulations to the Maine Chapter of ACHCA!!

The Maine ACHCA chapter was selected to receive two (2) achievement awards at ACHCA's 50th anniversary convocation in Nashville. The first award is for their business affiliate program and the other for the membership recruitment and retention project! This is certainly an outstanding accomplishment and contributes to the five (5) awards they have received in the past for the following initiatives:

1. Maine Chapter Newsletter
2. Leaders as Mentors Program
3. Chapter Participation in ACHCA Initiatives
4. Chapter Leadership Initiative
5. Chapter Revitalization Project

Congratulations for all of your hard work and dedication!!  We are proud to be affiliated with you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Healthcare's Future: Realizing the Promise

The 5th Annual Health Administration Symposium at Saint Joseph's College of Maine is scheduled for

July 23 through 27, 2012

In keeping with this year's 100 year anniversary of the college, this year the symposium will be bigger and better than ever!

Sr. Carol Keehan, CEO of the Catholic Health Association is scheduled to give us an update of health care reform.

Dr. Merrill Matthews will be speaking about the ethics of health care reform.

Keith Baldwin will be discussing physician integration in light of recent mandates of health care reform.

We have also planned three panel discussions:
  • Steve Chies, Keith Baldwin and Dr. Doug Salvador will be taking on the difficult issue of preventing hospital readmissions.
  • Debra Kramlich, Deb Palmer and Lois Skillings will be applying the concepts of evidence-based practice to interdisciplinary leadership in a real world context, and
  • Ben Sawyer, Tom Brunelle, Jon Abeles and Dr. Inron Androbi will be tackling the topic of really improving operational performance in health care organizations.
New this year, we will also be offering three tracks of breakout sessions!  One track will feature topics specific to the field of radiologic technology, another will focus on issues related to long-term care administration and the last will focus on interdisciplinary leadership.

More details will follow, but you will definitely want to reserve the date!!!  You are welcome to attend the entire week-long symposium on beautiful Sebago Lake or you can come for one or more days!