Thursday, December 13, 2012

R.T. in D.C.

Brenda Rice will be attending the 15th annual American Society of Radiologic Technology, R.T. in D.C. grassroots advocacy event in Washington, D.C. on March 3-5th, acting as an affiliate member on behalf of the Maine Society of Radiologic Technologists.  This event, R.T. in D.C., brings together 150 attendees including Registered Diagnostic Imaging Professionals, Radiation Therapists, students, etc. from across the United States. It provides an opportunity for professional training, working with lobbying experts and learning skills that are used on Capitol Hill to advocate for legislative issues that affect our State Society.

The introduction of the CARE Bill was to establish educational and certification standards for those working in a healthcare setting, who perform various medical imaging examinations, including radiation therapy.

The ASRT has introduced House and Senate bills that pursue basic educational and certification standards for healthcare workers who administer radiologic procedures in each state across the country. The passage of the bill would require minimum standards set by the federal government for personnel who perform medical imaging exams and deliver radiation therapy treatments.

If this bill was passed, it would ensure national safety and quality assurance measures for patients undergoing all types of radiologic procedures. Brenda’s goal is to meet with our State Representatives and Senators to discuss the importance of federal standards for medical imaging professionals and establish guidelines moving forward that would provide more equitable healthcare services for patients across the country. Repeated radiologic examinations and poor quality images cost the health care system millions of dollars annually; not to include excessive exposure to radiation.

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