Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jean & Stephen Szilagyi are honored!

On July 8, 2008 the Ambassador of the Ukraine, Oleh Shamshur, presented Dr. Stephen Szilagyi with the order “For Merits” III degree, awarded by the President of Ukraine for significant personal contribution to the strengthening of Ukraine’s authority in the world, promotion of its history and cultural heritage.

Dr. Szilagyi is founder and Executive Director of SARA (Sharing America's Resources Abroad) – a non-profit organization which has been supplying medical equipment and expertise to Ukraine.
Stephen Szilagyi assists physicians from Ukraine to come to the United States to receive additional medical and surgical training to provide improved health care in hospitals back in Ukraine. He has been very active in helping to establish long-term cooperation between the medical institutions of the two countries.

Dr. Szilagyi's wife and partner in SARA is our very own Jean Szilagyi, adjunct instructor for Long-Term Care Laws & Regulations. Jean is also a graduate of SJC! We are very proud of their efforts to bring health care services to areas of the world in which they are not otherwise available. It is an honor to be associated with them.