Thursday, April 14, 2011

Schedule for the Annual Health Administration Symposium July 25-29

The schedule of presenters for the 4th Annual Health Administration Symposium at Saint Joseph's College of Maine has been announced!  Join us for the entire week or a single day to learn more about the future of the provision of health care services in the United States!

Monday   7/25/2011

  • 8-11AM Healthcare Reform Impact to Medicare and Medicaid with Jay Dennard of Gwinnett Medical Center
  • 1-4PM Workforce Challenges with Jay Dennard of Gwinnett Medical Center
Tuesday   7/26/2011

  • 8-11AM Concepts to Improve Efficiency with Don Lyons of InterOPERANT
  • 1-4PM Roadmap to Sustainability with Walter Vernon of the Green Guide for Healthcare and Laura Brannen of Hospitals for a Health Environment

Wednesday   7/27/2011

  • 8-11AM Measuring Quality with Tanya Zucconi of Birham and Women's/Faulkner Hospital
  •  1-4PM Chaos to Calm: Effective Leadership with Susan Gilster of Alois Alzheimer Center

Thursday   7/28/2011

  • 8-11AM Health Care’s 2nd Curve: Where Will You Be?  with Dr. Martin Merry General Internist specializing in the transformation of health care
  • 1-4PM Leadership Competencies for Success with Jon Abeles of Catholic Health Partners

Friday   7/29/2011

  • 8-11PM Innovative Initiative Implementation with Gerhard Friedrich of the Consortium for Optimizing Healthcare Performance
  • 1-4PM Transforming Healthcare with Jon Abeles of Catholic Health Partners