Monday, February 25, 2008

New Web Pages

After seemingly endless effort and time spent by a lot of people, the GPS web site has been upgraded. Many thanks to Colleen Cunningham of GPS and Brent Wooten and Travis Soule of the SJC marketing department for getting this done so well.

The URL hasn't changed. It's still Take a look at it . We think you'll like the changes. It is much more attractive and easy to navigate. We would also appreciate any feedback.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Managing the Business of Healthcare

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine is pleased to announce our first annual
Symposium for Health Administration Professionals.

Managing the Business of Healthcare

The last fifty years have been a period of dynamic growth, evolution and change perception and roles of healthcare. The reality is that, in order to be successful two important facts needs to be understood and accepted: (1) healthcare is a business and should be managed as a business; and (2) there is an emerging trend of patients transforming themselves into consumers of healthcare. Through a series of workshops, special, focused topics relevant to these two concepts will be discussed under the guidance of experts in the field.

Students, graduates, and anyone else interested in the business of health care administration is welcome to attend. The dates of the symposium are Tuesday, July 15th through Saturday, July 19th. The sessions will be scheduled for three hours each in the morning and afternoon each of those days.

The general learning objectives are to equip participants to:

1. Better understand human behavior in organizations.
2. Apply ethical principles to real health care situations.
3. Prepare your organization for providing health care to the baby boomers.
4. Employ new leadership models as organization culture changes.
5. Analyze changing health care trends and service delivery models.
6. Construct positive physician/hospital relationships.
7. Build and manage effective interdisciplinary teams.
8. Prepare your organization for disaster and/or pandemic events.
9. Identify relevant constructs for applying health information system technology in LTC systems.
10. Discuss the differing administrative needs of nursing directors and health care administrators.
For more information, please visit our web site: