Friday, September 01, 2006

New Full-Time HA Staff

As part of the reorganization of the Health Administration programs, new full-time positions have been added as follows:

Assistant Program Director - Because the program combined two previously separate programs, each with its own Program Director, the College agreed to add an Assistant Program Director. We are fortunate to have appointed Twila Weiszbrod, MPA to that positon. Twila is a graduate of SJC (BSHCA, 2000) and holds a Master of Public Administration from California State University at Fresno (2004). Her most recent position was as Division Manager, Clinical Services, Tulare (CA)County Health & Human Services Agency. Twila has been teaching in the HA programs for the past several years, teaching American Health Care Systems and Health Care Informatics.

Twila will continue to work from her California home, visiting campus as needed. Her initial reaponsibilities involve working on marketing of the program, course development, retention, and faculty mentoring.

Full-Time Faculty at a Distance - The Division (GPS) has also recently created a new position title of "full-time faculty-at-a-distance" to recognize the extensive teaching and administrative commitments of some of our adjunct faculty. The first two appointments to this position are John Lemire and Janet Douglass. Both have taught for GPS for several years. John will work completely within the HA programs while Janet will split her time between the HA and Nursing departments. Their primary responsibilities will be teaching, but will also undertake some administrative projects.

These new positions - and the outstanding people in them - recognize the growth and development of the Health Administration programs and of the Division of Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS).

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An SMU/SJC -MD,MHA Student and all around great guy!!! said...

Congratulations to you John. I have taken several of John's classes he is a great instructor. He does an excellent job as a lecturer and moderator of his classes. Outstanding choice SJC!!!

Excellent choice with Janet. I was in a class that did not benefit from being taught by Janet and I regret that. I have met her several times and she is a wonderful person. Congratulations to her as well.