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John Lemire is one of our new full time faculty in the GPS program. I interviewed him recently so I could introduce him to you! He is a wonderful asset to the Health Administration Programs at St. Joseph’s College! Many of you may already know John because you have taken courses with him.

T: How long have you worked with SJC/GPS?

John: I'm not entirely sure but I think somewhere around 6 years.

T: Where did you obtain your education?
John: I earned a BS, Education from Worcester (MA) State College many (MANY) years ago. More recently (at least within this half century), I earned an MBA from Thomas College and completed All But Dissertation (ABD) for a PhD this past summer from Touro University International but have 'converted' that into a second MBA, Advanced Studies rather than invest another 2-3 years in Dissertation research.

T: What is your experience in health care?
John: Other than the fact I've negotiated health insurance programs with third-part providers for my last employer (beginning as a fully-insured indemnity program to a minimum-premium, partial self-funding to a full self-insured program AND helping resolve employee claims issues, my only familiarization with health care is a continuing list of chronic ailments which regularly bring me in contact with health care professionals. Actually, the courses I teach are 'administrative' and regardless of whether health care, manufacturing or whatever, core business concepts are the same.

T: What courses have you taught or developed?
John: I have developed and taught courses for Thomas College and Southern New Hampshire University in a traditional classroom setting and also online instruction. I have also taught for the University of Phoenix in their online programs.

For Saint Joseph’s College & St. Matthew’s University College of Medicine (in-class and distance education) I have developed and/or taught the following courses:
Organizational Effectiveness in Healthcare (graduate)
Organizational Theory & Behavior (graduate)
Human Resource Management (graduate Distance Ed tutorial)
U.S. Health Care Systems (graduate Distance Ed)
Developed/redeveloped and teaching a new course(s)
– Quality Improvement & Performance in Health Care (graduate – all modalities – including WebCT)
– Practice Management
– Special Topics in Risk Management
– Special Topics: Dealing with Quality, Cost & Consumerism in Health Care
– Strategic Management in Health Care
– Health Care Marketing

T: What courses are you currently teaching?
John: I am currently teaching courses in the traditional class for the SJC/St. Matthews program as well as teaching online courses for SJC in HA 500 – U.S. Health Care Systems and HA 512 – Quality Management & Performance Improvement.

T: What do you see as the three highest priority items in health care in the U.S.?
1. Educating patients to the fact they are 'consumers of health care'.
2. Educating doctors to understand that they are 'running a business' and their customers are not only patients but are also 'consumers of health care'.
3. Getting everyone to understand the importance of strategic management – i.e., optimizing long term plans for delivery of services at reasonable fees.

T: What do you do for fun?
John: Other than the fact that I truly enjoy facilitating learning and devote (quite literally) 7 days a week to teaching an average of 8 courses at any given time (between traditional and online classes),in my 'free time' I read, watch movies and have finally gotten back to making sailing ship models. Occasionally, I manage to take in a concert or play. I can 'say', without hesitation that in my professional career spanning four decades, I have never worked with a nicer bunch of people than the staff and faculty at SJC!

If you would like to contact John Lemire directly, you may e-mail him at

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