Thursday, June 28, 2007

2006/2007 Graduates

Who are our graduates?

We are proud to announce that of the 294 GPS students that graduated from SJC in the 2006/2007 school year, 134 (46%) were graduates of Health Administration Programs! We are very proud of these students!

In an effort to better understand who they are, we have summarized some program and demographic information below.


The 134 graduates were in the following programs:

BSHA (Bachelor of Science, Health Administration) 28 (22%)
BSHA with Long-Term Care Major 0
BSPA (Bachelor of Science, Professional Arts) 28 (22%)
BSRS (Bachelor of Science, Radiologic Science) 10 ( 7%)
MHA (Master, Health Administration) 68 (49%)


When looking at the geographic location of our students, 38 states are represented, plus Cypress and Northern Mariana Islands.

The number of students by region of the United States is as follows:

Eastern States 89 (66%)
Central States 27 (21%)
Mountain States 5 ( 4%)
Pacific States 10 ( 7%)
Other 3 ( 2%)

Once again, a huge CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to our Health Administration Program Graduates for 2006/2007!!!

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