Thursday, March 06, 2008

Summer Session in Maine

It is nearly time to register for our summer programs for 2008!!!

We are offering traditional 2-week summer courses during summer session 1 (June 9th to 20th).

During summer session 2 we are offering two options that are brand new!!! During the first week (July 15th through 19th), we will be holding a health care symposium that will bring together experts in the various areas of the business of health care. We are offering ten 3-hour sessions that will provide important information and opportunities for health care administrators. The symposium may be attended for 3 credits in either HA 401 or HA 685 (Special Topics) or it may be attended for continuing education credits.

We are also offering some hybrid courses that will include one week on campus during summer session 2 (July 21st through 25th). The hybrid courses include five weeks of online work with just one week on campus. The hybrid course offers a terrific opportunity to take only one week away from your busy life to come to campus but still complete a 3 credit course.

These summer offerings provide an opportunity to significantly accelerate your program completion!! It would be possible to take two courses in summer session 1 (6 credits), as well as attending the symposium (3 credits) and taking hybrid course (3 credits) for a total of 12 credits earned over the summer and you would only need to be on campus for two 2-week periods.

These options also offer a great opportunity to build a network of peers, meet your instructors and advisors, experience the campus and allow you to spend time on beautiful Sebago Lake!!

Registration begins March 17th!! You will be able to register on-line at our new web site.

If you have not visited the web site lately, you will want to see the amazing changes we’ve made!!

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