Thursday, July 15, 2010

Saint Joseph's College Has a New Educational Partner!

Saint Joseph’s College has partnered with The Avila Institute of Gerontology in Germantown, N.Y., to create a customized online program focused on leadership for the organization’s staff. The institute is connected to the Carmelite Sisters, who operate 18 long-term care facilities, and provides high quality, affordable educational programs related to the care of the elderly. Avila employees can take online courses at lowered tuition through the Saint Joseph’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

Depending on their previous education, Avila employees who complete the Leadership Certificate may transfer with advanced standing into the Saint Joseph’s Master in Health Administration program or the B.S. in Long-Term Care Administration program. The Leadership Certificate offers non-credit modules adapted from the Master in Health Administration courses. In addition, any Avila employee may also sign up for any individual course or degree program, independent of the leadership program, and still receive the partnership benefits.

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