Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Summer Fun

Just a reminder!!!!!
Warm weather draws people outside to participate in summer activities for a greater duration throughout the day. Skin exposure to the sun has benefits, as well as risks. The health benefits from limited exposure to the sun are vitamin D production, it helps to support the immune system, strengthens teeth, decreases symptoms of asthma, etc.
However, unprotected, over-exposure to the sun can result in the development of skin cancer or melanoma. This condition is curable, if treated in the early stages of development. As skin cancer grows on the skin, there are early warning signs to help identify melanoma.
The ABCD rule is used by health professionals.
               A = asymmetrical (irregular in shape)
               B = bigger in size
               C = color change (color variation – tan, drown and dark brown)
               D = diameter (larger than ¼ “)

After self-examination, if you find a mole or skin growth in question, please seek medical attention.  Have fun in the sun, but stay protected.

Brenda Rice

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