Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Healthcare and Schools

In the July/August issue of Health Progress magazine, an article written by Rochelle Davis, Jeffrey Levi, Ph.D. and Alexandra Mays, MHS, discusses the unique opportunity health and education systems have for partnership to serve the health challenges of elementary and secondary students.

As health care administrators, we sometimes are not aware of the important role schools have for health education programs, emergency health care services, nutrition and other health-related issues
The article titled “Ten Principles for Collaboration” outlines the opportunity hospitals have for developing and implementing programs with schools that will ultimately serve not only those in need but also invests in the future through our children.

The ten principles include:

Needs assessment and implementation strategy
Data exchange mechanisms
Project scope or targets
Community engagement
As well as several others

The full version of this article can be located at www.chausa.org under the publications and then the Health Progress tab.

Contributed by Becky Urbanski, Ed.D., SJC instructor, Catholic Health Care Leadership and Mission Integration graduate courses

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