Thursday, January 11, 2007

New HA Summer Courses

We ae offering an exceptionally good selection of health administration courses during the three summer sessions this year, including some that are perennially-popular courses and some that have not been offered on-campus in recent years.

Old Favorites:
  • HA 343 Health Care Financial Management
  • HA 545 Research Methods
  • HA 214 Health Care Informatics
  • LTC 310 Aging in America
  • HA 315 Occupational Health
  • HA 700 Strategic Management

New Since Last Year:

  • HA 360 Introduction to Managed Care
  • HA 511 Leadership in Health Administration
  • HA 515 Health Services Administration
  • HA 575 Ethical and Legal Perspectives
  • HA 615 Strategic Human Resources Management
  • HA 401/685 Special topics: Cultural Diversity in Health Care

We have tried to offer our HA students as much variety as possible. For more specific information about the summer programs, current students should contact their Academic Advisors. Others can go to the digital catalog at and click on "Summer Programs."

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